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 Paddling in the Deer Group


Welcome to WestCoastPaddler.com!

This site is about exploring the waters of our planet in a sea kayak.

 Kayaks on the beach at Rum Island Looking for places to paddle? In our Paddling Locations Gallery you'll find location reports with information about some of our favourite paddling destinations. We'll let you know where we put in, where good spots are for stopping and eating a lunch, or camping overnight. If there are specific safety concerns, special features, or historical significance, we'll do our best to provide such information. You can also download desktop wallpaper images of a few of our favourite photographs.

We really like building things that make our lives easier or more interesting. Because of this, we've also included a section about the stuff we build, modify, or repair -- from wooden kayaks, to carts, to paddle making, to rigging up mega battery packs for electronics. You can follow day to day building journals of the Bear Mountain Magic, currently being built by 14 year old Maddie, and the Bear Mountain Enterprise. Build journals are also on the site for the Pygmy Coho and the Pygmy Arctic Tern 14 and the Pygmy Osprey Double.

 Cormorant in False Creek In the Community section you can use our discussion forums for talking about paddling related topics and find links to other paddling sites on the web.

We advocate the use of safety equipment and proper rescue training. Wear a wetsuit or drysuit as the waters in British Columbia can get pretty darned cold. In fact, some of the glacial fed lakes in our region can get so cold that they'd make a polar bear cry. Use good judgement, learn to use your safety equipment, learn and practice rescue techniques. Conduct a risk assessment for your group and plan your routes and destinations wisely. And have fun safely exploring the vast paddling areas in this beautiful part of the world.

Thanks for visiting this site, it's our hope that you'll find it enjoyable and useful.

We do not profess to be experts, or claim this website to be an authority on the sport of kayaking. We are just a bunch of friends who enjoy paddling, taking pictures, and writing about the places we visit.

The information on this website is presented to you "as is" and we accept no responsiblity for any direct, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages arising out of, or in any way connected with the use of this website or use of the information contained within.

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