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It's a hull of a boat
Day 10: April 22, 2002 - 5.0 hrs
Levelled the sawhorses today, added the spacers to the temporary frames and flipped the boat over. Everything looked fine and the keel of the boat was perfectly in alignment. I'm most impressed with the design of the kit -- everything fits incredibly well. After flipping the hull over, I aligned all the seams and made sure they were all even by feeling on the inside and outside of the hull. I did a final check to make sure that all the wires were sufficiently tightened and that there were no misaligned seams, and then began using epoxy in a syringe to fill the seams. Following the initial filling of the seams I then prepared another batch of epoxy, this time mixed with wood flour, and filled all the seams a second time (the epoxy that was applied the first time had mostly absorbed into the wood).
p0004401.jpg p0004407.jpg p0004411.jpg