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Gluing Panels
Day 2: - April 11, 2002 - 2.0 hrs
Gluing panels - Part one - Removed the bricks and mylar and was horrified. Air had been trapped under the mylar which left indents in some areas. I'm certain however, that this will sand out fine as the fiberglass tape has good coverage. After flipping the panels over and taping and glassing them, I then laid the mylar across the joints and squeezed out any air with my fingers before placing the bricks on top. Hopefully, I'll see a better result tomorrow. Taping and glasing the joints today took much less time than yesterday. I also got to try out the new DeWalt variable speed random orbit sander today -- it's definitely going to be a lot easier and faster than hand sanding.

Day 3: - April 12, 2002 - 4.0 hrs
Gluing panels - Part two - Removed the bricks and mylar and was a lot happier than yesterday. Still a few air pockets but should be much easier to sand out. I traced the left side panels on the table and placed them aside after sanding the joints smooth. Lining up the right side panels was a lot quicker not having to measure off of the chalk lines. Note: for my next boat I'll raise the table off of the floor -- my knees have taken a beating.

Day 4: April 13, 2002 - 1.5 hrs
Gluing panels - Part three - This joint turned out the nicest so far. After removing the mylar strips, the epoxy was very smooth and clear and the glass was completely transparent. Sanding the joint was certainly much faster without the air pockets. Flipped the panels over and applied tape and epoxy and weighted it down. Now I'm waiting again until tomorrow for the epoxy to cure.

Day 5: April 15, 2002 - 1.5 hrs
Gluing panels - Part four - One set of joints turned out perfectly -- good coverage and the mylar created a smooth and shiny surface. Each joint had it's own piece of mylar cut to length and a separate weight left on top. The second set of joints didn't turn out quite as well. I cut a corner by putting the entire length of mylar across all the joints at once and then putting a 4' piece of 2x4 over the mylar and placing weight on top of that. This is not a good idea as it does not seem to concentrate the weight over the area enough. I found a few pockets of air under the mylar. Fortunately, it's not so bad that it won't sand out.

I glued the reinforcements to the underside of the deck around the cockpit areas, weighted it down and left it for the night. The Pygmy manual says to mix the epoxy together with some wood flour until it is the consistency of honey. They don't mention whether that is liquid or solid honey. I assume that what they are looking for is a thickened paste which is how I mixed it. It seemed to work fine.
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