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Project Description
Having built a Pygmy Osprey Double three and a half years ago, this is my second time building a Pygmy kayak kit.

I decided to build the Coho for a number of reasons, the least of which is that I've been paddling a low-volume West Greenland style skin on frame kayak for the past couple of years and really want a kayak that has more room for stowing gear on extended trips. The Coho meets this requirement nicely since it has plenty of volume.

Another reason for selecting the Coho is because of the many positive reviews and comments about the boat's performance that I've read in various places over the past few years.

I also just really like the flowing lines of the kayak.

When it came time to purchase the kayak, Pygmy was offering limited numbers of Coho's and Arctic Tern 14's in Sapele (pronounced sap-eel-ee) -- I decided to order my Coho in Sapele. Sapele is a mahogany that is harvested in Cameroon, on the eastern coast of Africa. The colour of the wood is light red to dark reddish brown -- the finished kayak will be quite distinct from similar boats built with Okoume.

Sapele is heavier than Okoume so to keep the weight to a minimum, the plywood used has one outer ply of Sapele and two inner plies of Okoume. The total additional weight to the boat is 5 pounds according to the folks at Pygmy.

There is also a discussion about this build project in our forums -- feel free to ask any questions or offer your comments.

Visit the Pygmy Boats website at www.pygmyboats.com
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