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The shop
A friend generously loaned me the use of his shop to refinish my Pygmy Osprey Double (hanging in the rafters on the left side of the photo while the epoxy cures) and build my new Pygmy Coho. As you can see, there's a lot of kayak building activity that happens in this little wood stove heated garage.

Currently, on the left wall of the shop on the top is a black custom built West Greenland style skin on frame, below is a nearly finished cedar strip One Ocean Kayaks Expedition Sport, and hanging in the rafters on the right is another in-progress project -- an aluminum folding kayak built from plans designed by Tom Yost.

There is 19 feet of useable length in this shop so I'll only be able to get around the boat at one end. Note that you don't need a great deal of space to build a kayak kit -- a couple of feet longer than the boat and about 8 feet wide will suffice.
coho-000.jpg coho-001.jpg IMG_8963.jpg