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March 14 - Gluing the butt joints
The first step in the process is to join the panel pieces using a butt joint. This is the first part of the instructions that I'll be deviating from -- I'll be only adding the fiberglass tape on the inside of the panels so that I don't have any visible tape on the outside when the hull is completed. Doing this will require me to be extra careful when handling the panels prior to stitching.

Since I don't have a large surface to work with, I only joined panels for one side of the hull. I'll join the panels for the other half of the hull the next time I work on the boat.

I'll join the deck panels when I'm closer to needing them as I don't have space in the shop to store them where I can be certain that they won't be damaged.

I used coffee cans filled with sand as weight over the mylar covered joints.
IMG_8963.jpg IMG_8974.jpg IMG_8982.jpg