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Project Description
This project is about the journey of discovering if and how a skin and frame surfyak can be designed and then built using some traditional as well as not so traditional techniques. It is certainly not a pre-defined process, and there will be big and small problems and issues along the way that will not have been ordinarily contemplated or dealt with elsewhere. So sit back and have some fun laughing and shaking your head as Mick goes through heartbreak, tragedy and (hopefully) success in this quest for an unusual craft.

All is not totally lost however, as the experienced and knowledgable Daren Neufeld has lent his shop and his encouragement to this endeavour. However, missteps and failure will be Mick’s responsibility alone!

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.
a01-building-sofistry.jpg a02-sofis-sideicon.jpg a03-sofis-dwg1.jpg