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stern end block
This is one way to put in an endform that also becomes part of the kayak. This technique evolved from my build of ‘facetious’ (the playak) where endpieces had to be held to a specific orientation and yet easily removed as well as become part of the kayak towards the end of the build. The endblock is wired to the form as well as wired to 2 angle blocks to set the angle.

In this pic the rails and endblock are now attached to each other, so I can now cut all the wires and snap off the angle blocks so I can have space to deal with the deck stringers.

Please turn to the Bow endblock . . . .

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.
a19-sofisbld-bowbrace.jpg a20-sofisbld-sternblock.jpg a21-sofisbld-bowblock.jpg