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The Development
This kayak is going to mix up traditional build methods with new materials and methods all to try to achieve fairly curvaceous surf specific kayak .

A surfspecific kayak is characterized by a big wide flat bottom that upturns substantially to the bow and minimally to the stern. They range in length from slightly more than 7 to a max of about 9. The rounded deck slopes inward from the flat edge of the hull.

But traditional kayaks have mainly flat decks with the hull on the bottom consisting of rounded ribs supporting various numbers of stringers the more stringers, the more rounded the hull.

However if the traditional build approach is flipped upside down, the basic cross section looks very much like the cross section of a surfing craft. In the upper part of the pic above, you can see a simplistic traditional kayak cross section and bow/stern construction and in the lower part of the pic, you can see that simply turning the method upside down gives some interesting possibilities for the whole approach - stern or bow included!

So this all sounds like a plan, and the next sequence of pics will show some of the explorations along the way to deciding on one specific approach to designing and building one of these kayaks.

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.

a02-sofis-sideicon.jpg a03-sofis-dwg1.jpg a04-skbk0402a.jpg