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Bow End Block
And here is the corresponding bow block. It is wired both to the endform as well as to a rigidly attached angle block. Now that the glue is set I will clip off the wires and snap off the angle block to effect the split repair as well as be ready to lay down the deck stringers. The endblock repair was completed by adding a 2nd endblock piece under the one you see here.

(donít tell anyone about this error, but there I was trying to deflect the endblock too much by using some offset clamping pressure. The offset resulted in splitting the endblock so the offset now became really really good and obvious! It was one of those situations that I could see was going to happen but I just kept dialing in the pressure anyway! Duh!)

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.
a20-sofisbld-sternblock.jpg a21-sofisbld-bowblock.jpg a22-sofisbld-rails.jpg