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Looks like we have liftoff!!
Stepping back and having a look I think we have a basis for some satisfaction! Each rail was fairly tough to pull off in one operation, but it did work. The basic shape that I want this guy to come out as seems to be holding fairly well. There is some springback causing shifts off the forms to a tiny amount here and there, but it just will not be a problem. When I add other cross members, I am sure that a lot of slight changes will be pulled back to what I want.

And I have been quite pleased at the stability of the forms. I was put in the position of having to glue up one rail one day and the next the next day. Even though the whole strongback assembly was put under major asymmetric stress for 24 hours, no appreciable form creep that I would be worried about appears to have happened. (that is the absolute beauty of having permanently threaded stringlines can always check during the build). Quite frankly I was prepared for the worst of having to really cinch up all the forms and do both rails at the same time with incremental layups.

So now I have to figure out what next to do! Im a little excited, so I think Ill lay up the first stringer but the rib mortices have to be put in very soon. . . .

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.
a21-sofisbld-bowblock.jpg a22-sofisbld-rails.jpg a23-sofisbld-string1.jpg