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the first deck stringer!
So I jumped ahead of the game and laid up the first stringer. The technique used was to just lay out the 4 stringer laminations beside each other, spread glue on 3 of them, springclamp them together into a slippery unit, jam them in the stringerslots of the forms and then start clamping.

And that process actually seemed to work, but it was a little messy and difficult getting all the strips as one unit to go where I wanted them. The process will have to be rethought for the next step. But the nice aspect of this is that the stringer feels very strong and this bodes well to help the kayak to be a good structural assembly when all is done

This first stringer really puts the kayak up into 3 dimensions and now I think we can start to visualize what is really going to happen when all are in place. (sheesh, it seems to be working!!)

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.
a22-sofisbld-rails.jpg a23-sofisbld-string1.jpg a24-sofisbld-lamcornering.jpg