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rounding stringer edges
For the 1st stringer layup, I used a simple hand plane to round off the corners of the 2 outside strips. This worked well enough until Daren handed me this little tool which seems to cut the time in half and do exactly the job I want (the holes in the forms are at 7/8 in diam which allows 1/16 clearance each side plus rotation if I cut the outside corners off) . I cut a 45 deg diagonal slot in a couple of forms to hold the strip at an angle and this little lee valley cornering tool just worked like a charm. The bonus is that when the grain starts to dive, you just move the tool in the opposite direction.

Right tool for the right job makes a big difference!

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.
a23-sofisbld-string1.jpg a24-sofisbld-lamcornering.jpg a25-sofisbld-lam1a.jpg