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early drawings
This is one of the first drawings of the approach. It's kinda fun looking back and seeing of the difficult points being touched and thought about

Top plan view diagram:
Deck stringers some are continuous, but there are difficulties at the cockpit. Im half hooping around the cockpit as well as half hooping at the stern to get some volume kind of a neat idea that may be worth exploring in another rendition . The low front stringers are trying to miss the toe area and the upper stringer is running under the cockpit to form thigh braces
(- this is a cool idea that will give me fits later on trying to resolve!).

Mid section view diagram
I get a kick out of looking back at this diagram as it shows how the 2 outside hull rails can be oriented so that the natural way that a flat board curves can be utilized to make the difficult basic hull outline. The compromise here is that the rails need to be small in dimension so that not too much flat bottom is diminished you will notice that I will not choose this route as I rather not compromise this aspect. However other issues of note are the stacked cockpit over a lower cockpit hoop, flat lower beams supporting the hull stringers and rounded upper ribs supporting the deck stringers.

Mid low side view
This is a pretty crappy excuse for a drawing that shows discontinuous side stringers, hooped cockpit resolutions (or lack thereof!) - but, by drawing it, it really shows to me that there are major issues yet to be addressed and where they may be

Lower Diagrams,
Another major issue with this kayak, is how to deal with fins or skegs. 2 basic approaches are shown here. A side mounted hand operated skeg/fin that bolts thru the rail and is on the outside of the yak. And some kind of a bottom mount.

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.

a03-sofis-dwg1.jpg a04-skbk0402a.jpg a05-skbk0407a.jpg