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early drawings (cont’d)
These 2 sketches, drawn a short time later, show some further steps along the way. The sideview is much better resolved, with continuous stringers extending and accentuating the lines of the yak. These drawings show a shortish yak so you can see consideration of feet placement. There is a note about knee conflict that will probably even bedevil the eventual design!

The hoop rear cockpit approach is still present but being questioned for this application - The hoops idea is just one way to get some volume immediately behind the cockpit but still to drop back. You can also see in the sideview how the endforms will be placed as well as all the low cross beams. I have also shown the handbrake type external skeg that would be placed on each side.

I've also inset 2 partial ribs on each side that could that would be used for thigh braces. The internal placement of these partial ribs may give some possiblilities down the road to solving a perplexing problem of supporting a lower partial stringer. This idea will be put in the bank for later . . .

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.

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