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early drawings – details
These sketches are a series of cross sections where various construction issues are being thought about.

Section E (top) is wondering about foot and stringer placement in a very low volume kayak. This may not be important for sofistry as surfyaks have longer noses than playboats where this may be more of an issue. However the idea of shaping the top of the hull stringers to accommodate the shape of the heels may make some sense. Some names for this yak type are being proposed.

Section D through the cockpit and thigh braces also wonders about using thin bottom beams or ribs that would be braced at the side rails with triangulated members. This really doesn’t make sense to try as the hull needs to be strong, stiff and flat, yet maybe toward the bow where a more rounded shape is desired may actually be a place to introduce.

Section C through the mid cockpit shows some short floating ribs supporting the side stringers and superimposed coaming. All ribs seem to want to be drawn from the side of the rails – this is because I am drawing the hull stringers as roaming over a curved surface that the rails sit on. This is a big issue that may not be resolved until I start actually building. One strategy may be to initially keep the rails narrow and then build up the inner surface to accept side mount ribs.

Section B is right behind the cockpit and shows a heavy deck beam to support the rear deck. Plus continued drawing of side rotating handskegs.

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.
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