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three dimensions!
Hard and fixed decisions now have to be made in order to know where and decide where this kayak is going to develop. The first fixed decision is that because I am a little weighty and because I want this kayak to surf for sure, I am going to make it relatively long for a surfyak. For the same reasons, I will fix the max beam to be quite wide also.

For ease of access/exit as well as having a chance of keeping the craft relatively level on mounting, the cockpit is going to be very long for a traditional type craft (but not for any ordinary whitewater or sea kayak). 32Ē works for me in other yaks, so Iíll put it in here.

One of the advantages of this larger size in a traditional yak with all the interior frames and stringers is that interior space will be a little better. There will always be the fight with low volumes and cutaways against interior space and utility in this type, but these slightly larger lengths and widths will assist a little in helping out. But notwithstanding this larger volume, Iíll now work very hard to get some swept lines and drive in some shape. It will be a hoot to see if this can be pulled off.

There are many equally legitimate ways to start this next step Ė sketching on a specific grid, measured hand drawing, 2d CAD, 3d CAD, etc., but for my purposes here, Iíll jump right into a 3d drawing. A 3D drawing will give me the best utility as i can work in 2d all I want but all the time I am manipulating real shapes. As well, these can be quickly output to other file formats for other programs or for quickly making and checking form or shape sets when producing the real working drawings.

So in the picture above, I am drawing lines that are about 9í long and to a maximum width of 26 inches. I have put a cockit basically in the middle and am now trying to drape simple curved lines around those parameters. As in all self motivated design, all these processes take as long as you are driven or satisfied to take. And up until this time, I have also spent many many fun hours previously sketching this yak. But notwithstanding all that, many more long and enjoyable evenings will be taken to work these next steps out . . . .

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.
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