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3d lines develop into stations:
After being relatively satisfied with the 3-D linework and with the modelling of the kayak, one comes to the time for some significant steps:

One of these steps (that in some programs can be done in parallel with the development) is to check, and get satisfied with, the hydrostatics that the previous sketches and linework had partially assumed. Some of the assumed parameters are bound to change and so there will be some bouncing back and forth between.

After resolving that to my satisfaction, the next step is to take the linework and transfer it into forms that can be built that in turn will assure that the built boat will be what I want. Getting close to reality now!!!

So in this drawing, you can see most of the linework, but now with a few forms being mocked up. As this is boat is a relative quick build, I am just going to place the forms at a regular 6 inches and hope that I can add the ribs and hull beams in the locations that I want without ramming into any forms. After a quick assessment, this seems to be not much of an issue and the slogging work of drawing all these new and weird forms takes place.

there's an ongoing discussion in our forums about this project if you have any questions or comments.
a09-digit-lines.jpg a10-lines&statns.jpg a11-sofis-all_statns.jpg