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Project Description / Boat Specs
For my third stitch and glue kayak project, I've chosen the Bear Mountain Enterprise, a kayak designed by internationally renowned Canadian yacht designer, Steve Killing. The Enterprise is based on the very successful strip-built Bear Mountain Endeavour. Knowing a few people who have built and are very pleased with their Endeavours, I've been curious about the stitch and glue version.

Enterprise Specifications:

Length: 17' 4"
Beam max: 24"
Beam waterline: 22 3/4"
Draft: 4 1/8"
Displacement: 250 lbs.
Wetted surface: 23.0 sq. ft.
Optimum capacity: 150 - 260 lbs.

I'll be building this kayak kit as per the method explained in the manual, which is the book Kayaks You Can Build by Ted Moores and Greg Rossel (the book is included with the kit). If I run into any problems along the way, I'll document them as well.

The kit arrived very well packed, all the pieces looked very good, and all components were accounted for.

Epoxy is not included with the kit, giving you a choice of brand. I chose to use Silver Tip Laminating Resin from System 3. I chose this epoxy for a couple of reasons; I have had good experiences with System 3 products in the past, and Silver Tip is currently the clearest epoxy product available that is specifically designed for boat making.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the construction of the Endeavour, please post them in our forums in the "Boat and Building" section in the thread titled "Bear Mountain Enterprise - Building Q&A"

Visit the Bear Mountain website at www.bearmountainboats.com
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