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The Goal
Large models also allow a good check to see if the panels that are to be used actually will fit together to form the required shape. This is not a trivial exercise as there is great joy and not a few sighs of relief when the first panel actually fits on the form and finally when the edges of the last 2 panels finally touch each other after marching around the whole perimeter of the form assembly!

For my purposes, the finish of this model just needs to take pencil and/or waterproof pen notation and diagrams, but this approach could easily be used to achieve a fine finish model
using same or similar materials.

Models also, for this forum, are a way to investigate procedures that can be used to actually build this boat full size.
There are a few challenging technical issues that are different than required on most wood kayaks. One challenge is to build the tublike seating area that becomes continuous with the exterior surface of the yak. Another is finding a way to build on an armature to keep alignment true and panels fitting as originally intended.

The basic materials used for this model are a wood armature, on which doorskin (1/8 plywood ) forms are strung and then permanently covered with panels of a sheet material (in this case 1/16 white styrene).

I use 1/16 styrene - as it is far and away the easiest sheet material to cut, shape, glue, modify, or repair. Although the 1/16 thick styrene scales up a little too thick - simulating a thick panel - the ease of edge gluing, curve holding and eventual robustness of the finished model over rides.
a01-s-g-modelling.jpg a01b-solitmdlsm2.jpg a02-solitmdlsm.jpg