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Additional info about the construction
I found the pins at an auto supply store. You can likely find them at most automotive supply stores or at industrial supply stores. I'm not certain of the actual name of them but I called them "D-pins" and the sales clerk knew what I was asking for. I also purchased the pneumatic tire wheels at an automotive store (for $10 Cdn each).

We inserted a wood plug in the PVC "T" joint to increase stability of the axle (which were stainless steel threaded stock). We were fortunate to have the use of a wood turning lathe and turned the plug to fit snugly inside before drilling a hole for the axle. Some sort of plug to reinforce the axle is probably a good idea.

For the yellow foam, we used an inexpensive pool noodle -- the inside diameter of the hole needed to be increased to fit the PVC pipe -- to increase the hole, I took a 24" piece of PVC and tapered one end on a grinder (about a 45 degree taper), then put the PVC pipe in a vise. I then inserted a dowel through the pipe to use as a guide for keeping the noodle centred while using a twisting motion to push the noodle over the tapered pipe.

Once the noodle was centred over the tapered end of the PVC pipe, the dowel kept the noodle centred for the entire cut (see the diagram) -- this worked very well and produced a consistent wall thickness in the foam (I ruined 3 or 4 noodles before figuring out this mehod). Don't use glue on the plugs that hold the noodle on the pipe -- you may need to replace the foam later -- a friction fit of the plug seems to work fine (haven't had one fall off yet).
kc-02-kayak-cart-apart.jpg kc-03-kayak-cart-noodle.jpg p0008809.jpg