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The Greenland Paddle
The overall length of the Greenland paddle is determined by an arm span plus the distance from the elbow to the wrist OR by how high the paddler can reach with fingers hooked over the end of the paddle blade. The length can be made shorter or longer to suit the paddlers style.

This paddle is made from a clear Western Red Cedar 2 x 4 and took about ten hours (a first time effort) from start to finish. The paddle 'blank' was cut out using a bandsaw and the carving was done with a camping knife. The initial sanding was done with 80# and final sanding with 220# sand paper.

Cost of materials for this paddle was about $17 and included the cedar 2 x 4, sandpaper, and partial container of Scandinavian Tung Oil.

For more information about Greenland paddles and for Chuck Holst's instructions for making a Greenland paddle visit this page of the Qajaq USA website (scroll to "Paddles and Paddle Making").
GP-01-paddle.jpg GP-02-blade.jpg GP-03-loom.jpg