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Dec 15 - Right edge panel stitched
I had to work late today, but figured I'd go up and get about another hour in. I didn't get a lot done, but I did get one edge panel (the right) lightly wired in place.

Starting at the bow end, the panel is lined up by hand to the end of the keel panel (already in place). You locate and drill the first hole on the edge panel, to line up with the hole you've already drilled on the top of the keel panel. You then insert the first stitch, and do the first 3 at the bow end this way. Then, you do the same at the stern - but I found it impossible to pull the edge panel hard enough to have the stern ends line up. So, I did one loose stitch at the stern end, just to hold the panel loosely in place. You then do one more in the middle (for the same reason - just to hold the panel in place) and start again where you left off at the bow. As you progress slowly down the boat, drilling and stitching one hole at a time, you quickly discover that the stern end is getting pulled into place. Once it's done, the bow, stern, and butt-joints (mid-section) all line up to within a very small amount of distance from the end of the keel panels. I was very happy with the way everything lined up.

Hopefully, tomorrow or over the weekend, I'll get the final hull panel stitched in place, and perhaps get things lined up perfectly and get a bead of epoxy run down the joints.
IMG_1244.jpg IMG_1248.jpg IMG_1251.jpg