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Dec 16 - Sheer panels in place
Today was spent wiring in the second sheer panel on the hull, and finishing installation of the temporary frames. Once both sheer panels are wired in place, careful attention must be paid to making sure that each panel is aligned against the keel panels, at the bow and stern, and that the butt joints (in the middle) are all lined up. It takes a bit of messing around (loosening and re-tightening wires, etc.) to get everything just right, but it should be worth it in the long run. Once the seems are epoxied, nothing will move - so this is the time to make sure it's all lined up perfectly.

Once the 4 hull panels are all properly in place and wires tightened, all 5 temporary frames (bow and stern main frame, a 'mid' frame, and smaller bow and stern end frames very close to the extreme ends of the boat) are wired in place and secured with the use of a hot glue gun. This gives the hull the shape it will maintain while the seems are glued and the hull is eventually glassed.
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