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Dec 17 - A bead of epoxy on the keel line
After getting the boat centered on a straight piece of lumber, specific locations are marked on the hull and a certain length of the hull (a little over 5 feet) is pinned down to ensure a flat section of hull. This will control the amount of rocker in the hull, which provides a certain amount of tracking to the hull. Once this section of hull is adequately pinned and the keel line is straight and true, a small bead of epoxy is laid down the length of the hull between the bow and stern temporary frames. This is done using a small syringe, supplied by Pygmy. Note the two steel pins in the photo. I laid down a bead of epoxy close to, but not touching, the wire stitches and the temporary frames. Once all the seams are epoxied, the wire stitches are removed and remaining 'gaps' are filled before the hull is glassed over fully.
IMG_1273.jpg IMG_1282.jpg IMG_1285.jpg