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Dec 13 - Glueing the backs of the panels
Not much exciting to look at today... I removed the weights and mylar from the panel, and inspected the results of yesterdays glueing of the right-side panels. There is one air bubble that is visible (it makes the weave of the glass tape slightly visible), so I'll have to try to fix that up. Otherwise, everything looks great so far. I flipped the panels over, sanded them down lightly and glued the other sides.

Otherwise, today was spent running around town getting more supplies and equipment that will be required for the build. The only thing I haven't been able to find yet is a jeweller's drill - a very thin, hand-held drill bit that will be used to fill in any small gaps in the epoxy.

I'm planning on doing up a quick spreadsheet, itemizing all the 'extra' stuff that you need to build the boat. That will give a very accurate indication of the total cost of the boat, once it's completed (here's the accountant in me coming out!).
IMG_1200.jpg IMG_1208.jpg IMG_1212.jpg