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    Desolation Sound, BC 15–19 Oct 2017

    Until the forum software reaches its final state, I'll keep trip reports short and mostly let the (oversized and unresizable) photos do...

    01 Horned grebe before dawn.jpg 02 Early morning harbor seals.jpg 03 Entering the Copeland Islands.jpg 04 Male harlequin ducks.jpg 05 Steep foggy walls of Malaspina Peninsula.jpg 06 Sarah Point.jpg 07 Stellars sea lion surface for air.jpg 08 Diving humpback at Sarah Point.jpg 09 Black turnstones and humpback.jpg 10 Cloudy Desolation Sound.jpg 11 North Curme Island.jpg 12 Curme Island oysters.jpg 13 Curme Islands.jpg 14 Rainbow at West Redonda Island.jpg 15 Desolation Sound under cold front.jpg 16 Mink Island in Deslation Sound.jpg 17 Looking for campsite Copelands.jpg 18 Copelands sunset.jpg

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    Oct 21, 2017 at 3:27 PM