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    New Bowen Is Park includes camping - Metro Vancouver

    Very interesting news. Tents only. But it doesn’t include Cape Roger Curtis itself, which remains a very popular day hiking destination. Cheers, Andrew
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    "Bizarre . . . " - Log intentionally dropped onto 2 Paddlers - Nanaimo

    That must have been on the north side of the island where, incidentally, there are some really fun features: lots of slots and even and arch you can paddle through. There used to be a really aggressive dog that would bark at me from the top of the cliff and follow me the length of the island...
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    WTB Solstice GT.

    Sorry, I might have got the name confused. It might be a CD Expedition — there was always some confusion over the models Extreme/Expedition/Nomad in my mind. I’ve no idea about fit or handling, but wow — it’s a big boat. Built back in the day when people aspired to go on looong trips. But yeah...
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    Help me find a surfing kayak

    The Delphin 155 is indeed a comfortable boat for the long-legged types. It also has the advantage of excellent P&H outfitting, including Kajak Sport hatch lids. No leaks! Cheers, Andrew
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    WTB Solstice GT.

    I don’t know where you are, but Jericho Sailing Centre has an old CD Extreme that they are trying to get rid of. The owner evidently hasn’t paid storage fees. Will likely require some DIY maintenance, but nothing that looks too complicated. Cheers, Andrew
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    Looking for kayak launch sites next to BC Ferry Terminals

    Hey @Oberonshaw870 , welcome to WCP. Please start a new thread to ask your question. You will likely get better responses that way.
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    Stolen Kayak

    Hey @Elijahjenny940 this is Jon’s thread for his stolen boat. Please start a new thread for help with your question. Many here will willingly offer advice, but let’s respect what this particular thread is intended for.
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    A lap of Galiano island

    Nice! You guys made good time on that stretch from Dionisio to Active Pass. I’m curious if you saw any other paddlers on the outside coast. Cheers, Andrew
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    Packrafting the Kodiak Archipelago

    Just spectacular. And creative! Well done, sir. Cheers, Andrew
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    Roof Racks - J-style or Hull-down Cradles?

    :D:D Yowza!!
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    Roof Racks - J-style or Hull-down Cradles?

    Well don’t leave us hanging — what’s the boat and where are the photos?!;)
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    Roof Racks - J-style or Hull-down Cradles?

    I’ve gotten by for 25 years with good old foam blocks, so I’m not really convinced of the need for any add-ones like cradles. However, I’ve had the opportunity to try both systems you are considering and I prefer hull-down, as it keeps your profile low, which is helpful in cross-winds and on...
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    Delta 12.10 vs. Boreal Baltic 120

    TBH, a skeg or rudder on a 12’ boat seems unnecessary to me. At that length, the boat should respond easily to your input. And without a skeg or rudder, you have one less thing to go wrong: moving parts are always the first to break. Good luck with your test paddle! Cheers, Andrew
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    Around Sechelt Peninsula by canoe

    Thanks, folks. Mick, you are co-author of this trip — it was a comment from you that got me thinking about it. We were talking about the lack of good camping options between Thormanby and Keats and you said that someone could always portage into Sechelt Inlet and camp at Porpoise Bay. I filed...
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    Around Sechelt Peninsula by canoe

    One more thing: this trip was really pretty local, even when it came to gear. My boat was a Clipper Solitude, built by the fine people out in Abbotsford; the spraydeck was built in Vancouver by the folks at NorthWater; my bent shaft paddle was a Werner from just south of the border; and from a...