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    Race Rocks, Strait of Juan de Fuca, BC 29 Jan 2022

    Thanks for sharing the great photos. That is one serious "day trip."
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    Gray's Canyon, continental slope, WA 21–22 Aug 2021

    Another great report on an amazing adventure....always a fun read. I had seen this on another link, but checked WCP figuring the reply stream would be open and informative. I have always admired Alex's passion, sense of adventure, and preparation on his paddling trips and appreciate the...
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    Lake Chelan, North Cascades, WA 13–15 Feb 2021

    Nice report and photos. You earned your Polar Bear badge with that trip!
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    Maurelle Island Weekend Circumnavigation

    Great report and photos. We have launched from Rebecca Spit for a week long trip circumnavigating Maurelle and Read Is several times over the last 17+ years. Really enjoy the combination of great paddling, hiking, campsites and freshwater swimming...not to mention the more frequent whale...
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    quick stow/quick draw Greenland paddle storage?

    Just a thought on your bungie/tubing loops at the bow. The loops appear large enough to slide a Euro blade thru if you needed to stash a "rescuee" paddle during a rescue. I typically use a smaller loop for my GP and an attached larger loop to stash the Euro paddle. Your setup could work for...
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    Greenland Paddles for novice?

    Great article John and a nice follow-up in the Anorak mag link(Qajaq USA site under technique). The latter mentions with the narrower hand placement on the loom/root your hands stay pretty much below shoulder level regardless of higher or lower angle stroke and can help to reduce shoulder issues...
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    Greenland Paddles for novice?

    Paddle length? Since we're sitting while paddling I like the concept of using "wingspan + cubit" ....allowing for variation in the length of a cubit as measured from elbow to base of hand or up to tip of middle finger. For me that is 84" to 90" with a standard GP. I'm currently making another...
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    Greenland Paddles for novice?

    A number of good thoughts have been mentioned. I do believe after paddling a GP for the last 15yrs+ it has been easier on my wrists (being un feathered) and on the shoulders using a lower angle stroke. Anyone with rotator cuff issues would be a good candidate to try a GP and learning proper...
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    Greenland Paddles for novice?

    It's not unusual for paddlers to transition from a Euro to a GP due to wrist or shoulder issues. It does take a bit of getting used to, but proper form encourages good torso rotation which reduces the tendency to arm paddle and helps utilize your core. You can find quite a bit of info on line...
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    Beckson Deckplate gasket lube?

    I wonder how one of the new "dry" bike chain lubes using a parafin base would work as an alternative. They seem to lube well and minimize the debris sticking to a chain.
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    Advice on Buying a Used Kokatat Drysuit?

    All good suggestions. All I would add...take a good look at the zippers. Make sure they zip cleanly together and don't show any spots that show a "crack" that allows the zipper to "fold" when separated. May not be an issue with the newer plastic zippers, but my older Kokatat Meridian has a metal...
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    Cascade Head & Cape Meares, North Coast, OR 10–11 July 2020

    Terrific photos and informative trip report. Looked like some optimal conditions for your coastal exploration.. Thanks for posting.
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    The Alligator Roll

    Nice Go Pro action. I think I could have water-skied behind him once he took off!
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    Missing kayaker in Washington

    These warm days typically get pretty breezy in the Strait. It was blowing close to 15mph in Neah Bay about the time he launched so it was likely more than that at Freshwater. Hard to believe he paddles that very often in jeans not wearing a pfd...a recipe for disaster. Looked like a small swell...
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    Salmon Bank, San Juan Islands, WA 25 May 2020

    Great bird photos Alex. Sounds like a great first trip in the new boat. I've always considered my whale encounters just a matter of luck and timing...like many of the good things that happen in life. Your combination of knowledge on favored whale habitat and "water time" is a good formula for...