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    Camera or GoPro?

    FWIW the newer GoPro remote button is pretty slick, can pair with multiple cameras, is waterproof, and works better than previous generation. I find it easy to wear on my PFD… and spare my friends the sound of me shouting “stop recording“ at the gopro on my bow.
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    Electric bilge pump users?

    (post deleted)
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    Spare Paddle Retainer Storage

    I’ve been using that style of north water paddle park for a while. Best I’ve tried, but if you do have a length of deck rigging that can span across the two scabbards to pin it in place, I’d recommend it. If you’re surfing a lot. The force of waves and gradual introduction of salt/sand will...
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    Can I JB Weld some plastic lugs to my Rec-Kayak combing to make the skirt grab a bit better

    This seems like a long way to go to secure a skirt on a kayak that wasn’t designed with one in mind. Whatever you do or however you do it, make sure you can easily, under duress, pop the skirt off with one hand, upside down under water. You’re aware of the wet exit but doing it is another...
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    Sterling Reflection or CD Karla or...

    I've got a 2017 Sisu (LV) and have found a few gelcoat voids around the hatch rims. Nothing so serious I felt like I needed to re-gelcoat for; I just pushed some lexel in there and called it a day. There's also some cracking on the hatch rims but it was used as a demo boat for a year before I...
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    Sterling Reflection or CD Karla or...

    You’ve honed in on two great playboats and I’d agree with your quick assessments of both—I too like the Karla/Sisu/Prana hatch arrangement, and I too find the Sterling seats more adaptable and comfy. If you haven’t already, YouTube the Hobuck Hoedown competitions—you’ll see both kayaks...
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    Licenses for paddling Canoes, Kayaks, & SUPs proposed - WA state bill?

    I don't mind the spirit of this, but the execution is typically bureaucratic. They'd probably get more engagement, education and goodwill by offering the online training with an incentive -- something like, you get to waive/discount your next park entrance fee or water-access parking fee if you...
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    I love the NRS Storm hood. I don't understand the comment about needing to trim it. The collar lays between the latex gasket and the neoprene overcuff of my Kokatat drysuit.
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    Hullivator 898

    Another, possibly jankier, solution I use with the Hullavator and plastic hulls—two strips of yoga mat cut to lay across the bumps in the cradle. Combined with the friction and pressure of the boat, they create just enough cushion and stay in place without much added bulk.
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    Vancouver-ish and affordable

    This is all so valuable. Thank you for the local insights!
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    Vancouver-ish and affordable

    There's a chance that work is going to relocate me to Vancouver (Gastown area) within the next year. I've not spent more than a week in the downtown area. I had big plans to visit the surrounding townships this month but I'm scuttling them all, because -- pandemic. I currently commute an hour to...
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    Reinforcing foam footrest

    A little update; I finished the rough-in version of this project and am waiting until a few test paddles before I make this a little more resilient with velcro, cement etc. The Sisu LV was a beast to properly outline and I've never done anything like this before, so it's ugly... 1) Measured...
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    Navionics / GPS questions.

    I love Navionics but I recall they did a major app overhaul about a year ago and siphoned off some features into other sister apps. Still works great for tracking though. I’d delete and reinstall, the new iPhone version is called “Boating” by Navionics.
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    Reinforcing foam footrest

    It’s funny you mention the Prana; it’s a Sisu LV I’m working on. Narrow, cavernous and a real pain to contour-gauge around the forward day hatch.
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    Reinforcing foam footrest

    Ok, thank you all. Seems like my shortcut isn’t the best route so I’ll investigate foaming out more of the cockpit.