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    Anti-Enbridge Flotilla

    Living Oceans Society in Sointula has organized an event (land based, so far) for this Saturday. So, a small contribution. Alert Bay will either have an event, or many will come here, haven't heard. Would have been great to organize an on water event, especially with the fishing boats...
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    Anti-Enbridge Flotilla

    Murray, Thanks for this update. We had around 35 go from Alert Bay and Sointula to Port Hardy for the JRP hearings. Time is running out for ordinary people to work with First Nations to stop this along with further tar sands expansion. There's lots of opposition, also to Kinder Morgan's plans...
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    Johnstone strait in mid sept.

    Latest from Deb's Deli posting: "Orca: still circling Hanson Island on a daily basis. Humpbacks were singing in Blackfish Sound last night "
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    Johnstone strait in mid sept.

    A and G clan Orca picked up on the hydrophones in Johnstone Strait, Saturday. Sept. 14. Also around Blackfish Sound area Friday.
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    SOLD! - Wing paddle

    Re: Wing paddle pm'd you, but sitting in my Outbox. Not sure what comes next. Very interested, need better paddle.
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    Tidal turbine proposal off Hanson Island

    Went to the meeting, Nov. 20, after SRM pulled its application, so I could say thanks. Very reasonable person who negotiated with OrcaLab and is looking for local knowledge and willing to work with locals. His proposals, so far, involve smaller units, and apparently, not more than one or two...
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    Alex Morton Launches Petition

    The Nov. 14 "visit" by the Wild Salmon People to Christy Clark's office delivered a petition asking that she not renew any fish farm licences. It had almost 12, 000 signatures. Even had people from Kingcome Inlet and Quadra Island.
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    Tidal turbine proposal off Hanson Island

    Marine Detective just posted on FB that the deadline for submission has been extended to Dec. 2, same as the other deadline for this. "You've got to be kidding" is putting it mildly! Her website probably shows a map, I only saw it on FB, showing where Orca Lab has its listening devices.
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    Show Off Your Best Paddling Photos!

    How much longer, Dan? Maybe if Bruce brings a flash drive, if coming to Sointula, even McNeill. I might need instructions, but have broadband here. Not the best broadband, but better than snailnet.
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    Protect the Salish Sea

    Wish I could be there. Please post any pictures. Hope to get reports on tomorrow's Salish Sea Fesival. Hope many WCP's are going. Enbridge here, Kinder Morgan where you are, Keystone XL there. Many fronts.
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    Celebration of lights 2012

    Thanks, especially for that last photo.
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    4 day Johnstone Strait area adventure

    Adding to ryan's post, Bere Point is a developed campsite, owned by the regional district. You pay, not sure how much this year, and reservations are available, also for a fee. There is no water on site, but free firewood. Sites are geared to camper vans and you can forget about being alone...
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    Parking at Telegraph Cove

    Phoned the resort there at 250.928.3131 and their cost is $5 daily. Phoned the marina at 250.928.3163 and it is $6 daily. They also have a monthly rate of $60.
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    Alex Morton Launches Petition

    Link to Living Oceans updated interactive map of salmon farms:
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    Hayley Shephard talk