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    Cockpit coaming trim piece?

    Yep, that's just how it looks on my kayak. I don't see many kayaks using it these days, mostly Old Town recreation boats. It seems to just make the edge nicer, both in a visual and tactile sense.
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    Cockpit coaming trim piece?

    My old Necky has trim similar to what you describe. It hides the rough cut edge of the cockpit and is a bit nicer to handle. I put a bit of glue (maybe lexel) in mine and jammed it back in place when it came loose.
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    WTB Solstice GT.

    The Extreme is one of those boats I've e always wanted to try. I wonder how it compares to a Solstice, both in terms of fit and handling.
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    floating? VHF radio recommendations

    I got the little (non-floating) Standard Horizon HX40. It fits nicely into my PFD pocket and I always keep it tethered. I believe it shares features and gizmos with the HX210, whose larger body allows it to float. Been pretty happy with it so far.
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    Homemade granola/energy bars

    From another thread, this is my go to method.
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    Valley kayak for sale

    Very nice looking boat. It may interest more potential buyers if you list a price, though.
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    A lap of Galiano island

    My watch is out of commission so it came as quite a surprise when we checked the time at Montague. We saw no kayakers along the exposed coast. There were a few that we saw on the water, generally within sight of a launch site.
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    Roof Racks - J-style or Hull-down Cradles?

    I've used both and actually find the side loading style easier with short vehicles. But those rollers work great. I especially like the addition of a piece of carpet (I like bathroom mats).
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    A lap of Galiano island

    Last year around this time I did a Quick trip around Salt Spring Island . This year I thought Galiano would make a good trip. I've been paddling my Valley Rapier a fair amount lately, and wanted to put it to the test on something a bit more involved than the local lake. Accompanying me on this...
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    Roof Racks - J-style or Hull-down Cradles?

    I usually use a similar style to the hull down one you listed. I usually paddle solo and it makes loading easy for me. But my car's roof is about in line with my collar bone. For taller vehicles it probably doesn't work. I really only like J cradles for transporting multiple kayaks.
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    Help - I'm Trying to Identify the make & model of this sea kayak (thanks in advance)

    Feather craft rudders seem to pop up on a variety of kayaks. No idea of the make and model of this one. The PVC pipe "keel" makes me suspect it's not a great build.
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    Around Sechelt Peninsula by canoe

    Gorgeous shots and a very cool trip! I'm glad you're enjoying the new canoe!
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    Vessel Traffic Services map and channels?

    A friend of mine works for the coast guard, so he could point me in the right direction.
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    Vessel Traffic Services map and channels? Vancouver Island maps start around page 159. A little bit before are maps for the rest of BC.
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    Vessel Traffic Services map and channels?

    Here you go. More channels than I thought but boundaries are pretty nice.