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    Artlish River Launch

    Great research Mick, much better detail than mine. Thanks so much.
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    Artlish River Launch

    Thanks Mick, so you have launched here? This is my first time to launch at this location and I did not see a ramp on google earth, so this helps.
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    Artlish River Launch

    Forgot to ask. Please describe the launch conditions. Is there a boat ramp?
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    Artlish River Launch

    Thanks for input. Launching next Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.
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    Artlish River Launch

    Never launched at Artlish river before. John Kamantas mentions it in the book but I wanted to reach to see if anyone has used it and had any comments good or bad. Always used Fair Harbor in the past and had no problems but a longer drive. Thanks Ricky
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    Clayoquot sound

    Planning a trip in September. Our first visit to this area. Can anyone recommend long term parking in Tofino? Is drinking water hard to find?
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    Performance tandems

    Thanks so much Tatlow for your input. More questions if have the time. We paddle open ocean and the hatches must be bomb proof, so to speak. Are you totally happy with the hatch design? I see Talon has similar specs to the Seaward Passat. I assume you considered/paddled other boats so what...
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    Performance tandems

    I am thinking of adding a tandem to the fleet and just recently started researching the subject. I recently paddled my friends NDK Triton and loved it but in terms of using it for a 10 day tour its storage capacity is too low. Most of the other tandems I have seen are like freightliners with...
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    Winter Harbor to Port Hardy hitch hiking

    Thanks for input. I not really interested in paddling Quatsino Sound, hence prefer avoiding it. Cheers, Ricky
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    Washington Roadless Coast

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    Nootka Island Loop

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    DIY Flat Earth Sails