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    Near Drowning near Kamloops

    "Brown said when KFR arrived, he and his boat were stuck under a dock," So how did that happen?
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    Help - I'm Trying to Identify the make & model of this sea kayak (thanks in advance)

    I'd also say Puffin. The pipe was the first clue and the bow definitely. The cockpit "box" or "seasock" (for want of a better terms) is another thing. The rudder blade looks as if it could do with a wee bit of straightening. A chap I did a lot of bicycle touring with had one. One time he towed...
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    How likely are whales to overturn you in a kayak?

    When we were paddling in Haida Gwaiis, one day a whale came rather close to one of our group. I made sure I stayed in the kelp. As for seals, when you get a couple of youngsters clambering on to your aft deck and a tippy empty kayak, you do notice it. The area, Abel Tasman National Park has so...
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    Kayak transport, looking for advice

    That, the key to having a good tie-down.
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    Best tandem kayak rudder options.

    The Finnish one, Kayaksport of Finland, when queried, offered and sent a copy of their patent. It was very little like the item they were bulding. I had corresponded with the American manufacturers, Sea-Lect Designs, and when asked what was actually patented, I go a very "loud" silence. Their...
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    Shoes news

    Shoes? Why shoes? As a kid bare feet across the icy mud flats in winter. Summer, obvious it would be bare feet. And with age? Not much has changed. Yes, there are a pair of jandals usually jammed in the sides of the cockpit in case of a long walk on stones.
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    Best tandem kayak rudder options.

    It was commercially available at one timer as I was producing them for an NZ manufacturer. Not many but definitely commercially. A kayak manufacturer at the north end of this country also produced a version which went on their kayaks. Note - it was not patented and the designer wanted it open to...
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    Best tandem kayak rudder options.

    A lot of pictures from mick_allen showing poor design. Rudder pedals - make the entire pedal move, not just the top. Put the hinge level with the ankle. Wriggle your foot and you will see the top goes forward as the heel goes back. Now make the lines a little loose and push as hard as you want...
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    Best tandem kayak rudder options.

    Yes and if Daggerboard type no centering needed as it by default is centered as it is retracted. NO. The feet are hard against the pedals. It is tilting the feet that actuates the turning. Not the Daggerboard style as it is rotating to the deck when less than half retracted. It is the...
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    Best tandem kayak rudder options.

    Thank you Mick for that. There is the question of drag but I still say the rudder should be floating at zero degrees until a turn (course correction) is wanted with proper full-foot pedals. They give "feel" as well as foot support. They allow slack rudder lines and allow the paddler to know if...
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    Best tandem kayak rudder options.

    One other thing is the rudder pedals. Full foot pedals can be balanced, hinge level with the ankle so you can brace hard against the pedal but be putting no input to the rudder blade. The rudder lines are just loose. This means the blade is in the water at minimal drag. Any steering is just...
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    Best tandem kayak rudder options.

    I always make my own, the Daggerboard design (scroll down to it) - Providing the front and rear edge are parallel any foil shape will fit. Admittedly the pictures do show a flat plate blade. Though the blade slides...
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    Glasses vs. contact lenses

    I've only always worn hard contacts for 60 years so not sure if that helps.
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    New (to me) Winter Project

    Certainly some crude workmanship there. Not that I like to use the word "workmanship" even. Rudder pedals - what about a fore and aft bar that the pedals mount on? Adjustment for their fore and aft position can be a cam cleat (locking a webbing strap), mounted just in front of the seat. No...
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    Looking for first ‘expedition’ kayak

    Back to rudders again... ha ha. If you are going somewhere, sensibly you have a rudder and use it. Do you want Paul Caffyn's take on rudders? The chap who kayaked round Australia, Japan, Alaska, New Zealand etc. An increase of 10 - 20 percent distance per day with a rudder. I designed and...