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    Near Drowning near Kamloops
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    So, thoughts on the demise of Mountain Equipment Co-op?

    Since the Kelowna MEC has opened I've had numerous disappointing customer service experiences for questions ranging from help me pick a tent to where is your MSR Whisperlite service kit (they tried to sell me one for a different stove then tell me they didnt carry it even though I had checked...
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    Glasses vs. contact lenses

    For calm conditions while sea kayaking I'll occasionally wear my glasses with a strap but generally I wear contacts since I don't have prescription sunglasses. Definitely contacts for whitewater kayaking. I once forgot my contacts for whitewater kayaking and wore my glasses with an improvised...
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    3 Person Tent Recommendations

    I have a Kymit Static V Insulated Double mattress. I ended up buying it since I wanted a double mattress and my very narrow MSR Elixir 2 tent means most double mattresses are too wide. My experience is mixed. Pros -Reasonably comfortable, the V-baffles seemed a bit strange at first but...
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    'Worst SUP tragedy in sport's history' - 4 die, 1 charged with manslaughter

    I am also confused about what activity they were doing. The linked daily mail article references the activity as 'paddle boarding' but all the photos show people with surfboards in wetsuits with no PFDs or paddles. Initially I had assumed stand-up paddle boarding, but reading the article makes...
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    time for a new tent

    @CPS good to know about your issues with the fly touching the body and causing leakage with the MSR Elixir 3. I purchased the Elixir 2 as a comfy solo tent and it has been great. Ive had it in some good west coast storms with no leakage issues. However, it's a pretty tight fit for car camping...
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    The Trip That Wasn’t (Part 2)

    Thanks for posting. What an engaging read! Especially for a kayak trip report where there was no kayaking involved.
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    Expired Flares???

    Your local power and sail squadron might be a good starting point. They held a disposal event in Kelowna in June.
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    The Capstone Project, Arctic Tern 14

    Thanks for the trip report and photos. I did the bowron lakes nearly 20 years ago :oops: as a teen. Your report brought back so many fond memories.
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    Video - Cleopatra needle rescue by Surfski

    I'd love to hear some perspectives on what could have been done better/differently in this rescue given the circumstances.
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    Good Thermos?

    I have a zojirushi travel mug that keeps everything way too hot to drink for hours. The lid has a locking mechanism which is very secure. Even though it is a travel mug I don't hesitate to throw it in a bag at any orientation. I see this brand also has a thermos
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    A late November Pitt Lake Weekend

    In the knitting community we have the concept of whether someone is knit-worthy. I.e. does the person love and care for the hand knit items to be worthy of the time, effort and expense the knitter has invested to make the item. CPS, even if the recovery mission was unsuccessful, have proven...
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    Halifax NS Kayak Rental

    I'll be flying through Halifax in early October with a 16h layover and a rental car. Ive never been to Nova Scotia. I am planning to get out to Peggys Cove and do some sightseeing. I thought it might also be nice to go for a couple hour paddle. Can anyone recommend any rental places? I am an...
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    North Shore Kayaks in N. Van--What the heck?? Anyone know them?

    @pawsplus I've never heard of North Shore Kayaks. Deep Cove kayaks is located right at the launch point and is very reputable. Make sure you book in advance since they can be full booked up for rentals (especially overnight and/or more performance oriented boats)...
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    Lowest profile PFD

    It sounds like you have found a potential solution. The Vaikobi PFDs are very popular in the outrigger canoe and surfski communities in British Columbia. They are extremely low profile.