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    A Loop of Hornby & Denman

    I had all Hornby to myself this winter, and it was beautiful. Now everyone who reads this will want to flock over and ruin my peace and quiet. It is a beautiful place of healing. Please let me know if you are heading back there any time soon. I would love to join you for a few hours, just not...
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    Stolen Kayak

    Good advice, Here in BC people are more likely to look at Kijiji
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    Looking for a kayak builder

    First time builders are going to split or break wood, then have to source out more. They'll most likely botch the fiberglass, and want to redo it. All that adds extra time and expense to the build. I would be impressed if they had it finished and looking good in a month of full time work...
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    Kayaks as supply boats

    Good to see people helping out. That brings us a little good press. I grew up along Chilliwack Lake Road, and remember being cut off from civilization about once every 3 or 4 years. Back then the Canada Olympic team would do their training up there, and I would see someone paddling almost...
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    Cockpit and spray skirt sizing

    I agree with everything said. Before I made my first coaming I had 1 rule. I must use a common shape and size, so I can head over to any water sports store and buy one off the shelf if required. I am grateful that you are doing the same thing.
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    Looking for a kayak builder

    With a relatively complete kit with most of the pieces already cut out you may have it completed after a few weekends. Assuming you are working without a heated shop. If you are are doing everything from scratch you will be lucky to hit the water in it next year. The hardest part is making the...
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    Dry suit storage tips

    I would have never thought of throwing my neoprene gear into the washer. I will have to try it. I am going home in about a week, then probably heading North to work. So I will be happy if I get out once or twice more
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    Kayaker Missing off Everett WA

    KayakWriter, However long does the battery last in most handhelds and would a small portable solar panel be enough to charge the battery in a few hours? I do like the idea of leaving it turned on for quick access so everyone around you knows when you are in trouble. However John brings up...
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    What is the thing that holds the rudder with it's folded called?

    Good to hear, I wish it was that easy everywhere, Where I came from hundreds of people have basic kayaks and may use them once every 2 or 3 years. When you ask them why the typical response is I have no one to go out with. Then they still never go out when anyone offers to join them. In my...
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    Favourite photo of all time - welcome to altered reality!

    I was once a Pentax person, I would have agreed with you until I got a Vivitar Series One 28 x 2.8 lens for it. I swear that woke the camera up and gave me some of the most amazing photos. I also tried some Zeiss and other top quality lenses but nothing compared to that tiny Vivitar. The...
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    Winter just got here

    That is getting cold, My above photo was taken on the ice road very close to the Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine. Even though it often gets much colder than your home, to get the ice that thick they have to plow off the lakes, and pump...
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    Winter just got here

    Just to warm you up, This is my friend Foxy Lady That's at least 8 feet of ice below her.
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    Level Six Cronos Drysuit 6-Month Review

    If I owned Level 6 I think I would listen and work with someone like John to improve their products. I don't think I would do a recall, I would just exchange the suits for the updated version as people complain about them. There is a good chance their present design is still perfect for 90% of...
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    Level Six Cronos Drysuit 6-Month Review

    I use a setup similar to kayak Jim, with a high stroke. Often submersing my hands in warmer water. My jacket is a Level 6 dry jacket from last year. Like you, my sleeves get damp. Not wet, I can't squeeze any water out most days. It's too bad, I was planning on investing in a Cronos in the...
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    east coast kayak tragedy

    I agree with the 9pm head scratcher, I don't hesitate taking an evening paddle close to a Sandy beach in a small, protected lake I am very familiar with. However in the ocean, without any protection, not going to happen To say the least, unless you are lit up like a Christmas Tree, how would a...