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    Weeklong Trip Vancouver Island

    Road is usually fine. Haven't paddled from Zebellas but have put in many times from Little Espinosa. Last time it took about 4hrs to get to the outer islands. Obviously the viability of the journey is dependant on the weather as Espinosa can get interesting inflow winds. Also crossing...
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    Victoria to Alaska

    Looks like 480km of fully exposed surf beach north from glacier bay including a 30km open crossing at Yakutat, and more exposed paddling after Katalla. Probably why most stop at Juneau or Skagway. Also almost twice as far. Serious bragging rights if you did it though... :)
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    Sea Sock

    Maybe also check Cape Falcon Kayaks?
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    Drysuit gasket replacement

    Would climbers/gymnasts chalk work? Magnesium carbonate.
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    What is your fishing gear?

    If you are not actually into fishing that is probably a good choice. Phil's fish lunch suggestion is a good one and echos some general advice when travelling in serious bear country, namely cook at lunch and have a cold meal for supper. I even take separate cooking clothes which get hung with...
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    What is your fishing gear?

    I use a short heavy rod that fits in front of my cockpit without hanging over the bow. I use a simple mooching reel with 30lb test that minimizes lure loss. It is tied to the boat so I don't lose it stupidly or if a big fish (ha!) hits the lure while I am trolling with the rod on my lap. Most...
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    Orcas in decline thanks to sea kayakers

    "Anything that demands censorship on any level (especially on a self-censorship level) IS agenda based and fears real science because it would expose the lies." Hardly the exclusive domain of those with "leftist agenda"s... I have seen other web forums degenerate due to political ranting...
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    Not a robot...

    It happened again but at least this time there were no fuzzy photos to decipher. Perhaps that is an acceptable improvement while these measures last...
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    Not a robot...

    Re-bookmarking it seems to have removed the problem. Still happens with the old bookmark though...
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    Not a robot...

    I stay logged in most of the time too. When I hit the bookmark for this site I get the robot test thing. Just had to do it three times. :(
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    Not a robot...

    Is anyone else finding the new 'I'm not a robot" function before joining annoying? Not only is the extra step tedious but the image quality is often so poor that it is hard to tell if the required object is present often leading to repeated tests. :( I know the site has had a few spam posts but...
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    Utility of tide tables in complex geographies

    The currents are linked to the tides in all areas but it can be complicated. In those areas it is easier to use the current tables. Info on the charts for that area will tell you which ones to use.
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    Nuchatlitz planning question

    It is only a 3-4 hour paddle from Little Espinosa to the Nuchatlitz if the winds are amenable... If there is a strong inflow then Espinosa is a grunt and crossing Esperanza is the crux. You may have to camp part way. If the conditions are appropriate then the North shore of Esperanza out from...
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    Roof Racks - J-style or Hull-down Cradles?

    I have used 303 but I didn't start until the rubber had already degraded so it is not that effective. It will probably work better if you use it from the get-go to prevent degradation in the first place.
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    Roof Racks - J-style or Hull-down Cradles?

    I have the Rhino rack setup but with the sliding pads at the back (they suck). If you are planning on using the side loaders as demonstrated in the catalogue you may wish to consider treating the rubber in some way so that they don't degrade in the sun and end up leaving black streaks on the...