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    Diablo Lake, WA - July 7, 2023 - 360 video

    Had an amazing kayaking day-trip at Diablo Lake early July (before the current fire started with a lightning strike July 29th). I started at the Colonial Creek Boat Launch, paddled out to Thunder Point and explored the campground there, then around the beautiful islands at the center of the...
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    Beaver Lake, WA January 2023 - Panoramic Video with Insta360 X3

    Nice half day trip 30m east of Seattle. Sheltered flat water paddling. Interesting 3 lake configuration looks like a Beaver, with well-hidden connectors between lakes that you can paddle through, no portages required. Good for all levels of kayakers, and paddle boarding and canoeing too. Lots of...
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    Lake Tapps, WA in 4K July 15, 2022

    Ok, catching up over some winter downtime on video editing from a packed summer of kayaking :cool: Here is one of my favorite day trips in the Seattle / Tacoma area from July. Incredible views of Mt Rainier on a blue sky day. Nice island park to stop at for a rest / picnic lunch. I did a late...