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san juan islands

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    San Juan Islands > Lopez Island > Spencer Spit to Frost and Flower Islands in 4K with Aerials 8 Sep 2022

    Beautiful Spencer Spit on the northeast side of Lopez Island in the heart of the San Juan Islands. Our kayak day-trip started at the launch point on the south side of Spencer Spit, went out to Frost Island, and over to Flower Island. I hiked up Flower Island to take in the panoramic view of the...
  2. P

    San Juan Islands - Lopez Island - Kayaking Mackaye Harbor to Long Island 4K UHD with Aerials - Sep 9 2022

    Great kayaking day-trip off Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands, from Mackaye Harbor to Long Island. Rich sea life at low tide. Never seen so many curious seals! Video: Lopez Island - Kayaking Mackaye Harbor to Long Island 4K UHD
  3. P

    Roche Harbor to Battleship and Posey Islands, San Juan Island, WA July 6, 2022

    Great kayaking day trip from Roche Harbor at the north end of San Juan Island, around Battleship Island in Haro Strait, and back to Posey Island for a picnic lunch. Great sea life, bird life, aerial views. Good options for camping overnight on Posey Island too if you want to make it a day trip...
  4. P

    Guemes Island to Jack Island - January 29th

    Fun half day paddle. Video on YouTube including some nice drone aerials, highlights below: 0:00 - Intro 0:05 - Guemes Island Location in the Pacific Northwest 0:10 - Ferry from Anacortes to Guemes Island 0:55 - Guemes Island General Store 1:00 - Guemes Island Resort 1:20 - Vendovi Cabin...
  5. P

    Cascade Lake - Moran State Park, Orcas Island WA - 26 July, 2021

    Ah, warmer times ... snowing here in Seattle currently, so catching up on video editing backlog :cool: Here is one of our favorite lake kayaking spots. We paddled it for a couple of hours one evening. Calm winds, light paddle. Could also make a half day trip by extending around the south end of...
  6. P

    Mountain Lake, Orcas Island Kayaking - July 27th, in 4K UHD

    Video highlights of kayaking trip at Mountain Lake on Orcas Island in 4K UHD with spectacular aerials, including highlights at below timestamp links: 0:08 Location of Mountain Lake and Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands and Pacific Northwest 0:19 3D Overview and 4 Mile Kayak Route 0:27 Boat...
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    Orcas Island to Jones Island Kayaking July 25, 2021 in 4K UHD

    Video highlights of kayaking trip from Cayou Quay Marina in Deer Harbor on Orcas Island to Jones Island in 4K UHD with great aerials including the following highlights (see list below image with timestamp links): - Orcas Island and Jones Island location in the Pacific Northwest (0:08) - Kayak...
  8. Denis Dwyer

    San Juan Islands, Washington - 2017 Kayak Trip

    These photos are from my week long kayaking trip around Orcas Island, Washington. I launched from Lummi Island and paddled to and camped at Clark Island, Obstruction Pass, Blind Island, Jones Island, Point Doughty on Orcas Island, back to Clark, then back to Lummi Island. The weather was...