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sea kayaking

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    San Juan Islands > Lopez Island > Spencer Spit to Frost and Flower Islands in 4K with Aerials 8 Sep 2022

    Beautiful Spencer Spit on the northeast side of Lopez Island in the heart of the San Juan Islands. Our kayak day-trip started at the launch point on the south side of Spencer Spit, went out to Frost Island, and over to Flower Island. I hiked up Flower Island to take in the panoramic view of the...
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    San Juan Islands - Lopez Island - Kayaking Mackaye Harbor to Long Island 4K UHD with Aerials - Sep 9 2022

    Great kayaking day-trip off Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands, from Mackaye Harbor to Long Island. Rich sea life at low tide. Never seen so many curious seals! Video: Lopez Island - Kayaking Mackaye Harbor to Long Island 4K UHD
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    5 San Juan Islands in 1 Day - October 15, 2022

    Great kayaking day trip from Anacortes, Seafarers Memorial Park, out to Guemes Island, then Huckleberry Island, Dot Island, Saddlebag Island, and aerial recon of Hat Island. Nice camping options on Saddlebag Island for those that want to go overnight. Video: https://youtu.be/JKKUgpT7DbQ
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    Vancouver, Canada Kayaking - September 24, 2022

    Great kayak day trip in Vancouver, Canada. Paddled around False Creek and English Bay. Spectacular views of the Vancouver city skyline. Beautiful cool, clear, sunny day in late September. Launched from Vanier Park, paddled out to Science World at the end of False Creek, then back out to English...
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    San Juan Island - County Park to Lime Kiln, WA July 4, 2022

    A great kayak day trip off the west side of San Juan Island in Washington State, from the San Juan County Park to Lime Kiln State Park with video in 4K UHD, including stunning aerials. Lots of birds and sea life including seals and fish! Truly world class kayaking opportunities off San Juan...
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    Seattle - Alki Beach - January 14, 2022

    With spectacular views of the Seattle skyline, the snow-capped Olympic Mountains, Alki Beach and the Alki Point Lighthouse, as well as Mt Rainier, this is one of the best kayaking adventures in the Seattle area. This was my first winter paddle of 2022, and a beautiful crisp blue sky day in...
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    Skagit Island Sea Kayaking in WA in 4K UHD with Aerials of Deception Pass and Skagit Island and Bay - July 2nd, 2021

    Highlights from kayaking day trip from Cornet Bay near Deception Pass to Skagit Island in WA, with video in 4K UHD with drone aerials of Deception Pass and Skagit Island and Bay, including timestamps below. Full video on YouTube.com. This is a great day trip. Also within a day trip drive for...
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    Anacortes - Tugboat Beach around Burrows and Young Islands, 4K UHD, drone aerials - September 24, 2021

    Possibly one of the best kayak trips for me so far for 2021. Truly world class kayaking around Anacortes. Launched from Tugboat Beach on the west side of Anacortes and paddled around Burrows and Young Islands, stopping first at Alice Bight beautiful little beach on Burrows Island where the...
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    Hope Island Marine State Park, Olympia, WA Kayaking in 4K UHD with Aerials - July 17, 2021

    Highlights from our kayaking trip to Hope Island Marine State Park in Washington State just west of Olympia, Washington, with video in 4K UHD with aerials. See video on YouTube.com. Includes highlights at timestamps below: 0:12 Hope Island Marine State Park in the Pacific Northwest 0:27 3...
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    Blake Island near Seattle in 4K UHD with Aerials - August 28th, 2021

    Highlights of kayaking trip from Harper Estuary on Kitsap Peninsula to Blake Island, just west of Seattle with video in 4K UHD including spectacular aerials. See full video on YouTube.com, and specific highlights at timestamps below: 0:09 Location of Blake Island in the Pacific Northwest and...
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    Orcas Island to Jones Island Kayaking July 25, 2021 in 4K UHD

    Video highlights of kayaking trip from Cayou Quay Marina in Deer Harbor on Orcas Island to Jones Island in 4K UHD with great aerials including the following highlights (see list below image with timestamp links): - Orcas Island and Jones Island location in the Pacific Northwest (0:08) - Kayak...
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    BC Lower Mainland ( Burnaby) Looking for weekend Paddle Partner or ( Partners)

    Was wondering if there is anybody or any groups of people that go paddle around the lower mainland on most weekends, whether it’s around Deepcove or a day trip around the Pasley Islands or up even a single overnight trip somewhere and a day just geared towards rolls and safety procedure’s . Ive...