2220 Kayak Expedition

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    Just joined the forum and by way of an introduction I'm posting a bit of info about our recently completed 56 day 2393km journey around Sweden. We paddled for 52 out of the 56 days and in the last 3 days we were up to 60km a day thanks to a brilliant (but top secret) mix of chocolate covered nuts and raisins, banana chips, cashews and apricots. Here is a bit of info - there is more on the expedition and pics on the 2220 site which will be added to over the coming weeks (im working my way through the 5700 pics so it may take a while).


    2220 Expedition - Round Sweden 2005

    Louisa Rolandsdotter Bichard and John Paul Bichard


    On the evening of Sunday 31st July 2005, Louisa and John Paul Bichard pulled into the Swedish-Finnish border town of Haparanda to complete their 2392km journey around the entire coast of Sweden. After 56 days of paddling, around 1.5 million paddle strokes, 5700 documentary photos and dozens of mosquito bites, they were lean, tanned and in surprisingly good condition.

    'We encountered winds over 12m/s, seas of over 3m, people who were kind and generous to us and all sorts of wildlife: harbour and grey seals, a snake and a toad, horseflies the size of bumble bees... we were surrounded by a flock of sheep, invaded by a herd of wooly cows and came across the jumping pike of Haparanda!'.

    They paddled in everything the wind and sea offered them: from chilling out on glassy seas, coasting on long rolling swells, to navigating in thick fog, battling for hours on end into strong headwinds or slicing through high fast waves. They were soaked, chilled, baked, wind dried, tumbled about in confusing roller-coaster seas and enjoyed hours speeding down surf waves. At times, after days of paddling into the wind, the journey seemed endless, then a strong following wind, a breathtaking sunset or waking up on a beautiful sun-drenched sandy beach would make it all worth it.

    There were a few close calls: a night paddle when the skies darkened, the wind picked up and they had to head out around a breakwater; the longest 5km ever paddling along the sea wall in Helsingborg harbour amidst ferries, currents, a strong side wind and big refracting waves; there were a few near misses with dozy speed boat drivers and two flash gales when in force 6 winds the paddles felt like they would be ripped out of their hands.

    When it was good it was very very good and when it was bad they wondered why they weren't in the tropics sipping margaritas. 2220 was an amazing adventure: surprising, gruelling, thrilling and very demanding.

    2220 Kayak Expedition website http://www.hydropia.org/2220
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    Wow - sounds like an amazing trip! Congratulations, and welcome to the site!
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    Very, very, nice website im... Did not browse the pictures yet but you include some excellent links that were new to me. Thanks and I second Mark's congratulations and welcome...