Almost a trip . . . Indian Arm, BC

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    It's OK! I didn't mean to seem snarky. :) I always appreciate input.
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    Many years ago I was the assistant instructor on a military sea kayak course. One of the students was a sergeant in the NZSAS Boat Troop. To describe him as 'athletic' and 'determined' would be an understatement!

    During rolling training the other students decided to make him wet exit and swim. To do this they basically ambushed him and thwarted every attempt he made to roll. After about eight - if I remember correctly - attempts with people grabbing his paddle and climbing on his kayak, he eventually got up.

    The other soldiers almost walked on water to get away from him, as his expression was priceless. He looked ready to kill and eat every one of them!

    You also need to choose your "target" carefully. :)