Another Kyuquot Trip Report

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    Dec 28, 2012
    Our GPS track, each day is a different color. Does not include the water taxi ride in.

    The Forest Service Road into Fair Harbour is in good condition however we took it pretty slow as our little truck was loaded quite heavily. Within 4 hours from Campbell River we arrived at Fair Harbour. We registered for one night of camping and paid for our parking. We were lucky enough to score the Tarp Shack.

    Up early on Monday June 20th to haul our gear and kayaks to the Loading Dock where we were picked up by Leo Jack of Voyager Water Taxi at 8:00. We were dropped off on an outcrop of rock in a little bay on the protected north side of Jackobson Point so we had to move our gear to the shoreline quick-like as the tide was coming up fast.

    We paddled past Jackobson Point and chose to land on what we later found out was Paradise Beach. Gorgeous white sand with a moderate surf. Paradise indeed! There are really two beaches here divided by a little fresh water creek.

    Day 2 We awoke to rain and lots of it. We had a visit from a wolf about mid-morning. He was not scared of us but also was not aggressive. He sauntered away after a few minutes of us yelling at it. We then went for a bit of a paddle down the Peninsula but the water got a bit snarky so we came back and played in the surf in the rain.

    Back at camp we were in the tent trying to dry out when we saw the wolf back, closer this time, lying in the sand watching us. Fired off a bear banger and watched as he ran down the beach, he looked back once while still running.

    Day 3 It was still raining and windy in the am, but marine report indicated winds dying down by noon so we packed up and headed to the Bunsbys. Really got lucky with no wind and very low swell, it was a nice paddle.
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    Dec 28, 2012
    Another Kyuquot Trip Report - part 2

    We made a quick stop for a snack at Acous, an abandoned village. Very pretty here.

    Then to our new camp - unnamed island, southwest Bunsbys - around 5:00 pm. Set up camp and dried all our wet gear on the rocks.

    Day 4 After a pancake breakfast, we paddled around the Bunsbys in a light but steady rain. What a gorgeous area. It is very protected inside the Bunsbys so the water was really calm. We tried to find some of the other campsites in the area but everything seems so overgrown. It was really quiet here.

    Early evening we were enjoying the fire when a lone kayaker paddled up. Doug recognized Nootka from WCP by his kayak and his paddle. We enjoyed his company for the evening.

    Day 5 Up early to pack up and move on to Spring Island. Again, very lucky with no wind and low swell.

    We arrived at Spring Island before noon and again were able to lay out all our gear and let it dry on the expansive pebble beach.

    We enjoyed a lazy afternoon in the sun and watched as a couple in their Romanys paddled up. It was nice to meet Mark and Blondie, also from WCP, and we shared a few stories with them.

    Day 6 As we were enjoying coffee this morning we were fortunate to see one of the Spring Island Wolves. It walked past us on the North West side of Spring, about 25 feet from us, to get to the forest side of the beach. You could tell it wasn’t very comfortable walking past us. We just watched and enjoyed.

    Originally we were going to spend two nights on Spring but after listening to the marine forecast which was predicting strong winds for the next few days, we decided to pack up and head to Rugged Point.
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    Dec 28, 2012
    We checked out the abandoned village on Atkis Island on the way to Rugged Point.

    Then we paddled through Nicolaye Channnel. The winds were light and the swell was low. Perfect paddling.

    We crossed over to Union Island and took a much needed break at the Island in Kyuquot Bay. Checked out the camping spot there. Very nice. Room for a few tents above high tide line.

    Paddled past White Cliff Head which was very impressive. We took some pictures but they just don’t show how really beautiful this area is. Then across Kyuquot Channel to Rugged Point Provincial Park.

    Spectacular camping area. Tent pads, covered kitchen area, food caches and outhouses! Top Shelf! Gorgeous area.

    Day 7 Another leisurely breakfast and coffee exploring the beach on what was to become a very pleasant warm day. Then a 5 minute walk through the trail and boardwalk to the south side of Rugged Point. So beautiful.

    Went for a little paddle to find water about 2 KM north of Rugged Point at an unnamed creek.

    The rest of the day was spent relaxing on our beach with books and drinks for the afternoon / evening. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. About 8:00 pm we watched the sea fog roll in and within about 10 minutes the whole area was fogged in, and about ½ hour later it started dissipating. Pretty cool.

    Day 8 The winds were blowing pretty strongly early in the am so we slept in. About 7 am we decided it had died down enough that we could attempt to get back to Fair Harbour. So we packed the kayaks and away we went.

    About 1.5 hours into the trip the wind died and the tide turned in our favor and we had a bit of a push in from north end of Whitely Island all the way into Fair Harbour.

    This is truly an amazing area. There is no way we could have done all of the “must sees” in 7 days out. There is so much to explore. It is an area that we would go back to and likely not repeat anything we saw or did on this trip.

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    Re: Another Kyuquot Trip Report - part 3

    Superb! I love the wolf encounters. :big_thumb

    Nice beaches too, especially Spring Island. I'd definitely camp there. :D
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    Cool trip, very fresh, inviting photos. You go, Lila! You used your fiberglass boats, looks like.
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    Nov 2, 2005
    Very nice trip and great account. Love the photos.
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    Aug 9, 2015
    Wow - this looked magical! Thank you for sharing!!!
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    Nice photos Lila & Doug!
    Looks you had a great trip.

    You were the only people I saw in the Bunsbys.
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    Awesome trip and photos Lila and Doug. We may have to go there in August if clayoquot is fogust!! Jeff