Bellevue - Lake Washington - Day Trip: Meydenbauer, Medina, Chism Parks - September 25th

May 30, 2021
Sammamish, WA
For those that are up for a day paddle, and especially those new to kayaking here is a trip that may be of interest. Highlights from kayaking trip on Lake Washington near Bellevue starting at Meydenbauer Bay Park and visiting Medina Beach Park, and Chism Beach Park. See video on in 4K UHD with drone aerials, including highlights at the timestamps below:
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0:13 Bellevue in the Pacific Northwest
0:22 Kayak route and distance
0:42 Bellevue Marina
0:50 Meydenbauer Bay Park
1:46 Clyde Beach Park
2:05 Aerial over kayak in Meydenbauer Bay
2:19 Aerial panoramic view of Bellevue
2:27 Aerial orbit around kayak in Meydenbauer Bay
3:10 Rounding Groat Point
4:02 Medina Beach Park
5:01 Mt Rainier over Lake Washington
6:42 Chism Beach Park
7:41 Seattle over Lake Washington
7:48 Aerial over Chism Beach Park
8:13 Aerial panoramic view of Bellevue
9:17 Meydenbauer Bay Park
10:02 REI Boathouse at Meydenbauer Bay Park

Overall a great trip. For those just getting started with kayaking rentals available at REI Boathouse at Meydenbauer Bay Park, and the bay is nicely sheltered from Lake Washington which for the most part is quite calm, but can get windy at times.

I have had several questions offline about the videography. For those that are interested I mostly use GoPro 7 and 9 on 4K UHD 60fps stabilized, and Mavic Pro drone 4K UHD 30fps for capture, sometimes S21 Ultra smartphone 4K UHD 60fps stabilized for capture ... although I try not to hold this one over the water , and Adobe Premiere for editing. Opening map sequences are with Google Earth Studio (currently in pilot).

Welcome any other questions you may have.

Have fun!


Map Locations
- Meydenbauer Bay Park:
- Medina Beach Park:
- Chism Beach Park:

- Kayaking in the Pacific Northwest: