Better NMIH AA's

Discussion in 'Paddling Photography' started by Day_Sailer, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Day_Sailer

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    Jun 30, 2008
    Springfield, Oregon
    For those who are using the rechargable NMIH AA and AAA batteries, I have found an improved version of these batteries. Have you ever noticed that regular NMIH's loose thier charge pretty quickly when left unused for a few weeks?

    Sanyo Eneloops and Rayovac Hybrids are using an improved technology that holds the charge (80 % one year later) much longer than standard NMIH's, for about the same price. Even uses the same chargers. Found out about these about a year ago on one of the Photo forums.

    I have been using the Rayovac Hybrids in my Canon S5-IS for the last year along with Eveready Energizers. Even thought the Energizers are 2500mah and the Rayovacs are 2100mah, the Ravovacs are outlasting the Energizers, unless the Energizers are straight out of the charger and used within a few days. Its nice not to have to remember to 'top off' the battery charge before going on a photo jaunt.

    With the longer charge holding they are also useful for flashlights and other devices that we can not usually trust to other rechargables.

    I get the Rayovac Hybrids at the local Target store, priced the same as the self-discharging Evereadys, in packs of 4.

    On-line prices seem to be the same for the Sanyo Eneloops too.

    Just FYI for the Kayaking Photo-bugs out there. Might save you packing the solar charger for the next trip. Stocking stuffers ??? Reliable charges for those priceless Holiday photo ops.

    Now I just need to find a good way to keep my S5 dry and safe when paddling, or.....get another camera for the water. :roll:

    Happy Holidays ds
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    May 13, 2007
    The Maha Imedion's are another good choice when looking for high quality low self-discharge batteries.
    I bought mine online via Thomas Distributing.

    It makes no sense to me to risk ruining good quality batteries with a crappy charger. I bought an 8 slot Maha MH-C800S from Thomas. It has a conditioning charge cycle, and it will monitor each battery separately when charging. These "smart" chargers nowadays are basically very simple little single-task computers. I think there's even firmware!

    The really cheap chargers are crude instruments. They'll charge too quickly and have primitive circuitry that tells them when to stop. If the batteries are uncomfortably hot when the charger has just finished charging them they're being ruined.