Borealis XL seat mods and toggle handle advice

Discussion in 'Boat and Accessory Building' started by Nonprophet, May 26, 2017.

  1. JohnAbercrombie

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    Dec 7, 2011
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    Thanks, Dave - that explanation made things a lot clearer.

    The Mariner Coasters have a similar seat & back construction - a hard seat back is connected by stiff UHMW plastic 'hinges' to the glass seat, with an adjusting line across the back connected to a jam cleat on one of the seat risers. In the Coaster, the seat back is below the top of the coaming. Even in the Coaster with its slightly smaller cockpit than other Mariners, I can do a 'butt first' entry, so I've never had any problems with the seat back trying to flip forward.

    The 'feet in front of the pegs' situation is awkward; I've started changing my boats (when it's possible) to a footboard or bulkhead footrest. It makes entry and exit a lot easier, and being able to move my feet around when paddling is a plus.
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    I own and paddle a Borealis XL with the standard Pygmy back band or back rest (I'm not certain which is the correct term). If you install a Pygmy back rest, upgrade the plastic tie downs (again, unsure of the correct term...) to bronze or stainless. One of mine broke during a rough landing. The bronze one I replaced it with hasn't failed despite even rougher treatment during rescue practices.