Bowman Bay to Deception Island in 4K UHD with aerials - July 1st

May 30, 2021
Sammamish, WA
Great half day 4-mile paddle from Bowman Bay to Deception Island and via the Deception Pass Underwater Park. Lots of sea and bird life to see, and fun exploring Deception Island with spectacular views on all sides. Full video with aerials now available in 4K UHD on YouTube. See also highlights at timestamps below.

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0:04 Bowman Bay and Deception Island in the Pacific Northwest
1:42 Aerial: Bowman Bay
2:03 Aerial: Deception Pass
2:35 Aerial: Bowman Bay Boat Launch
2:43 Aerial: Reservation Head
2:47 Aerial: Deception Island
3:55 Lighthouse Point
4:06 Crossing Northwest Pass from Lighthouse Point to Deception Island
4:07 Bull Kelp Beds
4:16 Eagles
5:05 Arriving at Deception Island
5:29 Lions Mane Jellyfish
5:38 Beaching in bay on NE side of Deception Island
6:05 Wild Rose
6:11 Exploring Deception Island
6:34 Panoramic view of Deception Pass State Park from Deception Island
6:48 Aerial: Coast and Bull Kelp Beds south side of Deception Island
7:02 Aerial: panoramic view circling Deception Island
7:25 Aerial: boats passing through Deception Pass
7:29 Aerial: fly-over Deception Island towards Deception Pass
7:47 Kayaking from Deception Island to Urchin Rocks north of Bowman Bay
8:24 Urchin Rocks
8:40 Deception Pass Underwater Park
8:57 Sharpe Cove
9:08 Gull Rocks in Bowman Bay
9:24 Eagle in Bowman Bay State Park
9:35 Deception Island viewed from Deception Pass State Park - West Point

Overall a great trip, highly recommended if you haven't done it yet. Great for beginners through advanced paddlers. There is also Deception Pass if you are advanced and want to get some whitewater :cool: We did this as a half day trip, but you could also do this as a full day as there is so much to see.


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