Broughton Archipelago, August 2017

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    Nov 2, 2005
    The south end of Duck Island and all of Gosling, Gull and Snipe Islands are not IR.
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    Mar 22, 2015
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    Yes, but....

    Within the context of trying to keep to the Marine Trails sites as much as possible because they've been vetted and sanctioned by the appropriate local First Nation, the Goose Group is out - none of the established sites, IR nor not, are listed.

    I recognize there are, ah, subtleties. Obviously staying at established sites beats bushwhacking, and the fact a site isn't listed as a BCMTNA site doesn't mean it can't be used. There's probably a larger argument around whether they shouldn't be used, and what the criteria for should or shouldn't might be. That's why I think the idea of listing "no-go" sites is a good one; simply omitting mention of a site isn't as clear-cut as saying "this site is a culturally or environmentally (or whatever) sensitive area and should be avoided" - but it seems like that kind of authoritative stance is outside the scope of the BCMTNA project, fair enough.
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    Thank for the report Stagger I did almost the exact same trip a week ahead of you. I also made the same mistake of staying over on Klaoitsis island after paddling down Baronet passage on my first day out of Telegraph Cove. I thought the backside of Gilford had some great coast mountain views. If you ever decide to do this trip again I’d suggest paddling into Greenway Sound on Broughton island the forest recreation site there is very nice with a good trail to a lake. I also had a humpback come up right in front of me with it’s mouth wide open, surprised the hell out of me.

    As for Hakai it is a must see you might want to consider getting yourself a GPS to help you out on those foggy days though.
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