Cheap Kayak Storage in Richmond??

Discussion in 'General Paddling Discussions' started by Jurfie, Aug 6, 2007.

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    May 6, 2007
    Semiahmoo, South Surrey, BC
    Maybe this post belongs in the Buy & Sell section since it is more of a "classified" type post, but that section seemed to be more "buy and/or sell" than "beg for somewhere to store a 'yak". ;-)

    So waverider and I were out at Widgeon Creek on Saturday with our gals, and he casually mentioned that he may be in the market for a new boat and offered to sell me his current 'yak at a smokin' good price (since I'm, like, his most-bestest friend, like, EH-VAR!). I'm considering it (even though I'm not really ready to buy one yet), but I have a bit of a storage problem...I live in a condo on the top floor, and really have no where to store it (we have "secure bike storage", but it really isn't that secure). I've got room for all the other stuff, just not the 'yak. I could leave it somewhere out in the valley since I have in-laws there with lots of room (or with waverider, but don't tell him that), but I'd like it closer to home.

    Anyone near Steveston be willing to provide reasonably-priced (read: "really cheap") secure garage/shed storage that I could access on a moments' notice? I promise I won't steal your kayak. :D