Clayoquot in September

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    Dec 28, 2012
    Doug and I spent 5 nights in Clayoquot Sound September 4 - 8. This was our third Clayoquot trip. Our friends from Texas were with us for this one. We spent two nights at Whitesand Cove and 3 nights at Cow Bay. We had typical West Coast weather, fog, rain, sun, rain, fog. We spotted four wolves on our beach at Whitesand Cove. We were far enough away that we could watch them for a while. They were feasting on a sea lion carcass which had washed ashore. Once they spotted us they took off into the tree line.

    Not the best photo, but there really are 4 wolves there.

    We paddled in fog from Cow Bay to Tofino on Friday and it was amazing. The water was so calm all the way. It made for a very nice paddle.
    We were treated to watching two gray whales feeding in Calmus Passage just before a lunch break at Milties beach on Vargas. We even spotted a Sea Otter shortly after that.
    We only saw one other kayaking group while we were out they were in the bay next to us at Whitesand Cove.
    We brought about a pound of sand home with us!

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    Jan 3, 2015
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    Very nice, looks like a great fall trip!
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    May 31, 2005
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    Lovely photos. Thanks for the report.
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    Nov 11, 2009
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    Great seeing you guys again! Hopefully not the last time!
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    Hi Liam. Good to see you too this trip. Probably won't be the last time as our friends from down south are talking of coming up to take a surf clinic with you next spring. Will be in touch for sure.
    Here's a few more pics.

    Paddling past Opitsat at the start of the trip. We were surprised by how busy Tofino still was following the Labour Day weekend.

    Making our way past Catface Range and then crossing over to Whitesand Cove where we spent the first two nights.

    Kayaks on the beach at Cow Bay. This is one of our favorite spots to visit.

    Out walking the length of Cow Bay and gathering a bit of firewood. This cloud cover had been with us since the start of the trip. It wasn't until the next day, while having an unexpected extra day at Cow Bay, that we finally got to see the tops of the surrounding mountains.

    And finally, the requisite sunset pic. The only clear day we had this week.

    No matter what the weather out here it's always a beautiful place to spend some time.